NEW! SNTS02 "Merry Christmas" Craft Stencil + Colour Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle Set


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* In-stock : 120 sets

* 16-PCS puzzles at 6cm per piece - full puzzle size upon completion 24 x 24cm

* Puzzles fun with optional craft activities ie. decorate the puzzles or colour-your-own with water colours / markers

* Plastic stencil 12.8 x 12.8cm 

* Each set is plastic wrapped

* Price for 1 set of 2 items with x1 random stencil, and x1 jigsaw puzzles,

* When place quantity please check above stocks availability eg. #1 (8) means product #1 has 8 units available

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About the product:

Much fun of happy activities with a reason on Christmas.

The stencil is great for creative craft-time such as trace picture for colouring, glue paper stripes on it, or decorate it with mini pom pom balls or crepe paper rounded into balls. How about to stick the traced picture with strings, glittering sands etc?

Tons of fun with the inspirational jigsaw puzzles too, with colouring and playing time.

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