SV20 "Hopeful Days" Handmade Woven Bracelet Super Value Set

Merry Charms - Sunshine Smile Kidz

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* In-stock : Pink(300), Blue(300)

* Handmade 1mm woven bracelet size 20cm adjustable

* The photo featured bracelet colours only for reference. Random rainbow dyed colour per bracelet hence every bracelet is different. You will get exactly same design with different colour combination.

* Each set consists of a featured favour bag,and a bracelet

* Price of a set consists of 2 featured items - a bag and a bracelet

* When place quantity please check above stocks availability eg. #1 (8) means product #1 has 8 units available

* Made per order within 3 working days.

* The bracelet is adjustable up to 20cm.  If need larger wrist size, please let us know.

* This is a product handmade by our Sister brand Merry Charms - Lyann Yap 

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About the product:

Now we could wear a rainbow over our wrist, to remind us to keep hopeful and stay positive always.  

Each bracelet is unique with its random colour. 

It is handmade by Lyann and priced at only $1 for children evangelism purpose.  The bracelet is ideal as giveaway or as party favour for both adults and children.

You will get the featured set at just $1.00 only!