Merry Charms - Lyann Yap is the 2nd house brand (2014) of LSB Group

"Loving Lifestyle" Merry Charms twinkle hearts and cheer souls.  Lyann our founder, is a lifestyle design artist. She designs lifestyle charms which celebrate life and hope her designs twinkle hearts and cheer souls. She likes to blend crochet, braiding, painting, wire-sculpting into my designs, with bright and many colours. Rainbow theme is her favourite. 

All designs are copyrights

1. MCLF Fun'Clip Series

2. MBR Bracelets

3. NCR/ECQ Earrings/Ear-studs

4. Special ONE - Sunshine Kids Series

5. Rings

6. Crystals, Zodiac & Me Series

7. HMT01 "Soulish" Series

8. Sea Breeze Series