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AFB01 "Faith in God" Inspirational Air Freshener 1 - 12


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* Instock : #1(8) - Lavender scented, #2(5) - Sunflower scented, #3(9) - Orange scented, #4(11) - Pine scented,  #5(6) - Spring scented, #6(11) - New Car scented, #7(9) -Apple scented,  #8(12) - Sandalwood scented,  #9(8) - Ocean scented,  #10(0) - Cherry scented, #11(3) - Strawberry scented,  #12(6) - Lemon scented

* 12 designs available. Please refer to the photos for selection 1 - 12 and below for scents eg. product no. # / instock quantity

* Scented 

* Size approx 7.5X 11.5cm

* Card board

* Each with elastic string for hanging or as bookmark

* Tightly plastic sealed per unit to preserve the scent till usage

* To continue use as bookmark or other decoration after the scent is gone.

* Printed message on the card


* Per unit per card priced

* When place quantity please check above stocks availability eg. #1 (8) means product #1 has 8 units available

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About the product

A beautiful inspirational printed card board made air freshener with purpose to worship God at any place and any time.

It decorates any place beautifully eg. wall, room, car etc and fresher up the place too with scent aroma.

This long lasting air freshener are biodegradable and non-toxic.

The scent may last long by snipping off only a corner of the cellophane wrapper

You may like to use it as bookmark or remain it as decoration even though if the scent is lighter.

This is a value and thoughtful gift for all occasions or home/car decoration.