COMS Colours On Mood Series Main

COMS Colours On Mood Series Main

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"Buy at your mood, use at your mood, positivity is the best mood."

Categories by colours: Please click on the below link for respective colour mood. 

1. Green - "loving mood"

a) Green Jadeite Collection (Available)

b) Green Nephrite Collection (Available)

c) Green Chalcedony Collection (Available)

 2. White - "Positive mood"

a) White Chalcedony Collection (Available)

b) "My Pearl Lady" Cultured Freshwater Pearls collection

3. Purple - "Romantic mood"

a) Purple Jadeite Collection (Available)

4. Yellow - "Happy mood"

a) Yellow Jadeite Collection (Available)

5. Red - Energised mood"

a) Red Jadeite Collection (Available)

b) Red Chalcedony Collection (Available)

6) Black - "Grounding mood"

b) Black Nephrite Collection (Available)

7) Pink - "Sweet mood"

a) Pink Chalcedony Collection (Available)