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Just Arrived! SFTO02 "Win/Race with Jesus" Fun Set of 6


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* Instock 11 sets only
* Sticker size - About 2.5cm
* Safe for children
* Price is for a set of 6 mixed designs
* When place quantity please check above stocks availability eg. #1 (8) means product #1 has 8 units available
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About the product:

Fun tattoo stickers printed with motivational tag such as "Race with Jesus" and "Win with Jesus" draw children nearer to the Lord Jesus and their faith in Him.
Suitable on face or other part of the body for celebrations and classroom fun.

Method : Remove the front clear sticker on top of the print and face print on skin, tap some water to wet the top paper area for the transfer. Wait for 1 min, and peel it from bottom to the top like peeling a mask slowly and checking the print at the same time whether it already transferred to the skin, if not, slowly paste it back and tap some water on desired area and wait for a min. For removal, simply remove the print with soap water, or it will slowly gone after a few when in contact with water.