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SV10 "Noah and The Ark" Stencil DIY Craft Super Value Set A


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* In-stock : * Options Set A - 2

* Stencil size 15 x 15cm

* Sheep puzzle craft set size approx 7 x 5cm when assembled 

* Favour bag - paper

* Each set consists of a featured favour bag, a stencil, a sheep DIY puzzle, and an Animal theme tissue pack

* Price of a set consists of 4 featured items

* The completed craft set featured here is for demonstration only. You will get a DIY set.

* When place quantity please check above stocks availability eg. #1 (8) means product #1 has 8 units available

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About the product:

This is the type of activity set which will keep a child's time occupied with activities such as draw and colour with the stencil, assemble the sheep puzzle, and also have fun solving mysteries on the party bag. 

You will get the featured set at just $1.00 only!