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(UP to 60% OFF) PABC65 Amazing Stories of the Bible

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About the Product:

'Now children age six and under can read about some of the most remarkable stories in Amazing Stories of the Bible! This easy-to-read, interactive book encourages reading development and Bible learning at the same time. Using the same format as Picture That! Bible Storybook, this fun, easy-to-read book features some pretty amazing stories. Based on the New International Reader's Version (NIrV---The NIV for kids!),

Amazing Stories of the Bible is reading at it's easiest! Written by best-selling author Tracy Harrast, this fun Bible storybook includes: - More than 60 Bible stories that will amaze and inspire new readers. - More than 90 full-colour picture icons that encourage beginning readers to jump from picture to picture, as they try to read words in between. - Bold, colourful full-page illustrations - Plus a 'What did you learn?'---One-line lesson summaries at the end of each story that help children remember and apply what they learn. Unique and creative---Amazing Stories of the Bible is bound to become a favourite.'