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(UP to 60% OFF) PABC68 NIRV The Little Kids Adventure Bible

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About the Product:

Now there is a Bible just for that in-between stage, when children are no longer toddlers, but aren't quite ready to study Scripture on their own.  The Little Kids' Adventure Bible is the perfect solution for children age 4 - 7 who are ready for the next step.

Made for vivid imaginations and short attention spans, this Bible is filled with colour and bold features adapted fromt he best selling Adventure Bible.

This 448 page Bible includes hundreds of passages from the NIrV and is divided into 10 sessions.  Kids will be amazed as one story unfolds into the next, increasing their understanding and wonder of God's mighty acts throughout history and his promises for the future.

Bright, fun and easy to understand. The Bible is a great way to encourage a love for God's Word in your child and to start him or her on a lifelong habit of studying the Bible.