What's Up for Crystals Pairing?

What's Up for Crystals Pairing?

I guess you are already aware that the importance of crystals pairing in my designs for safe wearing.

Pairing compatible crystals for jewellery work together for a good energy contributed to your health, body and mental well being.

Caring for your overall well-being is priority to me.

Please be diligent when choosing a good paired combined crystals piece from other crystals suppliers.

Usually a certified professional jewellery designer with crystals pairing knowledge is responsible for your well-being.

It does not mean the more crystals mixed in a piece is better. It will cause harm more than good. As I believe crystals carry good energy and paired for good instead.

Eg. Malachite cannot pair with other crystals except Clear Quartz because Clear Quartz also acts as crystal energy amplifier.

Any crystal paired with clear quartz will amplify the core crystal energy and healing properties.

But! These does not apply on crystals ornaments or decoration, which you can mixed and matched as many crystals base on your like for decoration pleasure.

Let me illustrated more about basic crystals pairing:

Powerful healing crystal combinations can be made by using at least 2 different crystals at a time.

Effective crystal pairings suited for various purposes.

There are factors to consider so that the pairings or combinations do not backfire on you.

When you start with combining gemstones, you may become overwhelmed with all of the stats you need to keep in mind. The metaphysical properties of gemstones are complex as can be, and the wrong pairing can lead to less than ideal results.

However, crystal pairings are useful for energy practice and fun as you will be building your collection as you go along. Sometimes, you will need to acquire additional gemstones for particular pairings, and aligned stones can be combined four or even six as time depending on your needs and temperament.

The risk with not knowing the right combinations is you might end up pairing crystals that cancel each other out.

There has to be harmony between the crystals that you pick, and they need to complement and not compete with each other.

Crystals can be combined based on their colour, family, and by element.

Crystals can also be combined based on the intention you have in mind, and by the properties that the gemstones have.

Okay! Hope you have a better understanding of crystals pairing and I bless you have a good body and mental health in the happy positive journey in crystals wearing.