Yes? Agate Agate

Yes? Agate Agate

Yup. These are polished but Agate in raw shapes. The sizes are ideal to charm into pendants, rings etc. 


Few minutes later.... I picked this vibrant orange with white stripe among the hundreds. Since this is a start of a new year, why not have encouraging orange? The orange colour  energy is Passion, Endurance, Strength and Creativity. Who does not need that?

Feel thrilled again to play it with some wire wrapping art, as it is too thick to punch a whole through it. Hmmmm, how about wire wrap a pendant?

Personally I love to wear long necklace. To match the length, the pendant needs to be made longer.  Oh yeah! I found some nice metal charms. Sincerely hope that this year is a better year and shoo away the Convid-19!

Okay. I am done! Grins~

First post of the year, lets make it short.

Happy New Year! 

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